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Front Crawl ~ Head Position

In order to gain an efficient stroke, one of the elements you should work on is your head position. Ideally your head should be as streamlined and as low down in the water as possible. The reason for this is to reduce drag in the water. Drag slows you down. Look at the difference between a barge and a speed boat. Which goes faster? Which is more streamlined?

To get your head into the right position, stand tall and look ahead. Now that position is what is required in the water, so when you look ahead, you are actually looking at the bottom of the pool or sea bed. Your head should be in line with your spine

Your forehead should be down in the water. If your forehead is up, even slightly, it can cause legs to drop, frontal drag and possible neck problems. Look down, so your neck is not extended, then let the water cradle your head. It has a much more relaxed and natural feel.  Remember you are looking at the bottom of the pool or the sea bed.

Thinking about when you stood tall just now, your head was perfectly aligned with your spine. Now imagine a metal rod going through your head and down into your spine. When you are swimming and going through the stroke, your head should remain in that position, while you are slowly trickling out your breath.

When you start to breathe, you simply use the natural rotation of your body as your arm starts its recovery, to enable you to smoothly turn onto your side, maintaining the head position.

Lifting your head takes your body out of alignment. You need to be as straight as possible. This does not mean you swim flat, instead you rotate along the axis of movement, your head remaining as low down as possible as you glide effortlessly through the water. Remember that metal rod?

At Solent Swim School we work in the water with our swimmers and demonstrate the position required. Are you ready to take the plunge and turn your stroke into one which is effortless,  smooth and efficient? We are here to help...just get in touch!

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