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Hypothermia is a dangerous drop in  body temperature. Normal body temperature is 37 degrees but when it  drops to below 35 degrees it is a medical emergency and requires an emergency response.  It is known that hypothermia slowly develops and the possibility of hypothermia does not arise for at least 30 minutes.  Whilst we would recommend keeping a time on your swim and building up slowly you should also factor in the afterdrop.  After drop is where the body continues to cool even after leaving the water.

Symptoms of Hypothermia to look our for are:


 Pale, cold, dry skin, skin and lips may be blue.

Slurred speech.

Slow breathing.

Tiredness or confusion

How can you help:

Call emergency services.

Move the person indoors or to a sheltered area as quickly as possible.

Remove wet clothing and wrap them in a blanket, sleeping bag, dry robe, towel.

Ensure their head is covered.

Give them a warm non-alcoholic drink and some sugary food if they are fully awake.

Keep them awake by talking to them until help arrives.

Do not leave them unattended


Do not use a hot water bottle, bath or heat lamp to warm them

Do not rub their arms, legs, hands or feet

Do Not give them alcohol

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