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Fearless 2023

Fearless is unlike any other challenge we have offered. Fearless requires you to be Bold, to be Brave and to be Fearless.

Would you like to be able to do the following?

** To build fitness into your life, without it taking over?

**Achieve a goal and then maintain it, even when life gets busy?

**Build up your physical strength?

**Build confidence in your body?

**Gain physical strength?

**Gain mental strength?

**Finally get yourself into a routine so you can fit in the things you love to do?

This challenge offers 

** A bespoke medal. 

**A monthly tracker. 

**A monthly leader board.

**A place to chat about the challenge with others 


**A whole year to get yourself organised and complete the challenge!

You can swim at your own pace literally anywhere. Pool, open water, on holiday or when visiting other places for work or pleasure!

You can do any stroke at any pace!

You can incorporate other swimming challenges within this one! Every distance no matter how small will count.

This will give you the ultimate motivation to commit to something!

Get fit, get active and achieve your goals! Make life changing results for yourself! Make 2023 your year!

Sign up to Fearless 100k. Yes 100km of swimming!

Start slow and commit. Start slow and build your strength and confidence. Start slow and find your own routine!

We promise you won’t regret it!


Sign up here: