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Sighting is important when freestyle swimming in open water, otherwise you could end up completely off course!
Here are some drills you can use to improve your sighting while swimming. They can be practiced both in the pool and open water.

Crocodile Drill:  This drill forces you to lift your head just enough to see forward without disrupting your body position. Swim with your head high enough for your goggles to be above the water, with the water level just above your nostrils. Breathe normally to the side, then return to the "crocodile" position after each breath. Alternate between crocodile drill and regular freestyle swimming.

Practice sighting at regular intervals. Swim freestyle and lift your head and look forward (sight) every 6-8 strokes. Aim at a landmark if in open water or if in the pool choose something at the end of the lane like the diving blocks or lane line.

Back Sighting:  Get used to sighting in both directions. Practice back breathing and look behind you every 6-8 strokes.  Use the same target you used for the sighting drill.

Bilateral Breathing:  Learn to breathe to both sides. This allows you to sight more frequently and gives you flexibility if there are waves or disruptions. Practice swimming freestyle and sighting every 6-8 strokes, alternating the sides you breathe on.

Additional Tips:

Combine Sighting with Breathing: When sighting, try to integrate it with your breathing. As your breathing arm recovers forward in the stroke, use that motion to lift your head slightly for a quick sight.

Use Landmarks:  In open water, sighting buoys can be difficult to see in waves. Train yourself to sight using landmarks on the shore or in the distance in addition to buoys.

These drills will help you develop the muscle memory and efficiency for sighting while swimming. Remember, practice is key!

If this is something you would like us to help with, just message us to book up a coaching session. 

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