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Front Crawl ~ Rotation

Rotation is another element of perfecting your stroke. The most efficient and powerful way of rotation is through the hip. You can gain so much ground from rotation as it naturally extends your reach. Have a try: Stand up and hold your right  arm out at shoulder height. Now maintaing your head position rotate your hip towards your arm. Look at that extra reach! Rotating your hips gives you extra distance for minimal effort! 

As you use your hips to rotate, it naturally sends your arm into the water, thus relieving pressure on your shoulders. The resulting stretch gives you that long glide that looks so effortless and smooth in the water. There is less drag as you are in a streamlined position and therefore you will move faster through the water.

A couple of added benefits are that it helps enormously with breathing; there is no obvious head lifting and the hip movement adds momentum to your stroke!

Here at Solent Swim School, we use this element a lot to create our effortless stroke. Why not bite the bullet and sign up for a coaching session, so you too can enjoy a stroke which doesn't have you splashing and out of breath!  We are ready to help, just get in touch!

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